Sunday, February 24, 2013

I have consumed you.

You know I have. I tried reaching where nobody was let in and maybe I lost. I know I still cross your mind. I know. As high as our walls are for each other, we have something which will stay with us, consumed forever. A part which wont return to us again. Only for you and I to keep. I'm happy, yes. Goodbye.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Murakami, You drive me crazy.

It's weird how this man can bake a happy delicious cake in my heart and then destroy it by building a tornado. If you are what you read was to be true then I'm dead. I'm living in some street in Japan. Eating without gaining weight. Have beautiful big eyes and pin straight hair. And I can talk to cats. Or am very calm about the weirdest of things happening around me.
In another context, I think I've reached my homeostasis. Or atleast am in the right direction. :)
It's funny how you don't want any of your past experiences attached to you future ones and yet expect new people you meet, to behave in a certain way. Ironically, I say this after messing up things with a really nice person I met.Damn you impulses!