Sunday, July 28, 2013

For days with zero motivation to look at the brighter side. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013


You become like the five people you spend the most time with. Choose carefully.

I came across this quote today.
 If it were to be true, I would be creative, mature and ambitious. Well, at times i'd be lost as to where I'm going but then I'd steer back. I wouldn't mind being stubborn if it gets something done, for someone's good. I'd be cribbing at one moment and contradict my statement at the other. All because I've seen the storms to know that it'll go away.  I'd have a contagious laugh and would laugh at all of my best friends jokes because come on, she's hilarious. I'd love her in ways she wouldn't know. Always protective and always supportive. no judgments, no expectations.

I would be stylish, friendly and impulsive. I'd love to party but I'd hate alcohol to the bits. I'd love food like it's my job. I'd make over the top plans when I'm high. I'd have an unforgettable personality. I'd hold my friend when she's crying and love her without saying it. I'd be grounded and take each day as it comes with my warm smile.

I would be pretty but never admit it, intelligent and hardworking.I'd accept what life throws at me like a mature adult. I'd even accept death and loss like one. I'd be sensitive at times but I'll smile in the next minute. I'd also love my sibling unconditionally with all her flaws. 

I would fail at making any conversation sound boring, embrace the changes in my life with an envious calm and be strong hearted. I would be aware of the coolest things. I'd never let my success get to my head. I'd also forgive continuously but not necessarily eloquently. I'd be a person of details. I'd always look before I leapt. And look some more. I'd love to travel and find beauty in simplest of things. I'd be honest and straightforward, to the core.

I would be brotherly and unbrotherly. I'd tell a girl she's pretty and that she has a moustache. I'd always be there, always talk like a realist but i'd also break down if my lover said anything hurtful. I'd always find ways to go back to her because I'd believe that I could get this right only once. 

I don't know if this is true but if it were, how can I be anything short of awesome? 
I'm only grateful to know my super five. (cannot think of a cool name)