Thursday, May 23, 2013

Then there are days when you're out of your depth and staring at the window for a new post starts getting painful.
Not painful really, just unnatural. I'm at it since almost 8 and it's been 3 hours.
I watched amour, listened to some music and then watched friends with benefits. JUST BECAUSE IT WAS ON TV AND I HAD NOTHING TO WATCH WHILE DRINKING TEA. 
Point being, I had all the inspiration to write(friends with benefits not being on the list) and way too many thoughts piled up.
I just can't find the right filter for the ideas or the apt words.
I have no clue why am I even posting this gibberish but then I had to write. I just had to and this is NOT getting backspaced.


  1. Don't even think of backspacing! ;-)
    Life does not has a backspace, does it? Move ahead! Write another piece!
    Bdw! I am reading Fifty Shades of Grey! OMG, don't say it's porn even if it is. After reading 5 chapters I got so much into it, that I had to order the complete trilogy online, 1st edition. Can I backspace the order???? Sixth chapter horrified me!! Eu!

    1. Hahaha I couldnt wait for the first one to get over! Not my style i guess :P Let me know if the next two are worth the pain. Pun intended. :P

    2. My pc crashed a week back. sorry for the late reply :( :*
      Why cant I see you on whatsapp?


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