Monday, October 22, 2012

And here's the end to the perfect mess.

Sometimes, all you can do is stop your thoughts.
Block them, burn them and not let them get through your door.
It doesn't matter why or for whom but you just have to put on your brave mask and march on.
It could change everything or it could change nothing.
Honestly, If you have been bending backwards to save something, stop.

It will just complicate and add to the clutter. The worst part will be when.. you know it's not even going to count.That the truth was a completely different story, the one which you never could've imagined.
The truth will burst the bubble you were comfortably living in (without knowing of it's existence). Then throw you off a cliff and yes, a really high one. And when you hit the ground, you'll get shot at. Just to check if you're dead enough.
This post was a result of the fuckery happening since a few days and
Well, I think I've crossed the line of too much. It's time to stop running in and away and finally lay my head in the arms of acceptance. How romantic!

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