Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Since life is pretty much being a bitch to me, I decided to make a list of the things I CAN do. (Yes, publicly. Cute no? No? No.) 
  • kill someone right after I wake up. The only trigger being someone trying to hug/kiss/talk to me. 
  • make bearable chocolate tarts. 
  • procrastinate.
  • sing norah jones' songs which can make up for the worst covers?
  • shut the hell up and watch a sunset. 
  • talk about anything way too passionately. (minus sexual undertones almost like a person with OCD) 
  • pretend to look intelligent in class. 
  • pretend to look dumb in class. 
  • doodle an entire book. 
  • eat an entire pizza. 
  • run for 3 minutes on the treadmill. (any longer and I can faint too) 
  • finish a book in a day without moving my ass. 
  • read about psychology for hours without getting bored. 
  • avoid getting glasses due to my awesome genes. 
  • brag incessantly about myself,people I love, stubble and Sherlock. 
  • laugh while being mad. laugh in any inappropriate situation basically. 
  • get bored while making lists and stop. 
Okay bye. Will blog more often with lesser self-obsession. 

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