Friday, February 21, 2014

There's nothing much enticing
Than a journey made with fire.
Let me inside again.
Where I'll meet your ignited mind
And restless heart.
Tell me stories of you
The valour of your unsettling soul
When the dark corners of your mind,
Were the only ones who you spoke to.
Let me take your heart and glue it back
And I promise not to miss the bruised edges.
This time around give me your hand
And I'll hold it tighter
Each time you run,
I'll run with you.
Be my fire, be it.
Tell my mind it's wrong to think
'what if you're the labyrinth,
The one I'll never figure out?
When to you
I am,at most, a difficult but 90% solved crossword?
Lying in some corner, given up upon.'

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